The professional outdoor lighting fixtures showed in this catalogue are manufactured with high performances materials, that ensure a high protection degree and make that fittings resistant to climatic conditions like salt, humidity and pollution.
Metallic components of these lighting fixtures, particularly those parts on contact with the air are exclusively produced with extruded aluminium,laminated aluminium and stainless steel AISI 316. The working process made by using special machine tools with accuracy gives to our items an excellent finishing and enhances their aesthetic aspect. Surface treating of the aluminium parts is made by means of the most advanced painting techniques that guarantee a long lasting life.
Opaque plastic components are usually produced in nylon filled with fiber glass while transparent plastic parts are composed of high quality polycarbonate. We preventively treat all our products to be proof against U.V. rays.
Electrical parts have been choose taking care of the quality, energy saving and a good light yield.